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About Our Puppies

The puppies that will be available from our shop will be primarily Toy Breeds and hybrid mixes.  They will be 8 weeks old, will have had kennel cough vaccine, will have had 2 shots against parvo, will have had 3 different types of treatments for worms and parasites. Also we are required by law to have the puppies vet checked and have certification for that. If the vet points out that the puppy has some minor issue we will tell customer and in most cases reduce the price accordingly, full disclosure on what we know of.  Most people will tell you " they have had shot and wormed." We can tell you from experience that 2 shots against parvo is better than 1, the puppy has a much better chance of surviving it should they get it. Also 1 wormer will not get all the worms and parasites they can have. We give specific treatment for coccidia and giardia which is the most common things that go untreated for. Vets have told us that some people do not tell the customer that they puppy will require booster shots out to 4 months, we show that on the shot card that goes home with the puppy.

The puppies will be from professional breeders with lots of experience in raising puppies. Look at it like this : Say you are going to build a new home, spend thousands..are you going to hire a "part-time handyman" --who says" I think I can get close to those plans ! "--OR are you going to hire a professional builder? Why not give you next pet the same consideration ?  After all it should be around for several years to come. As with anything else in any profession, experience goes a long way!

We try very hard to help each family pick the proper pet that will work best for their situation. Some people have concerns with, which would be good for kids, shedding issues, mature sizes and so forth, The hybrid puppies are extremely popular anymore, typically will have fewer health issues, different looks, coats and colors. We have told families that the puppy they are interested in would NOT be a good pick for their family, may have lost a sale but that's ok, we want everyone possible to have a good experience with their new puppy.


Below is the Health and Vaccination Program we use:


Spa City Puppies

                                  Health and Vaccination Program and

                                            Preventative Treatments

​****NOTE: Our puppies will not be exposed to the public or brought to the shop until 8 weeks old and have had all treatments.****


3 Days…….Remove dew-claws (may be some exceptions), dock tails where needed

2-3 Weeks…..Pyrantel Pamoate---wormer

4 Weeks…….Intra-Trac III or Bronchi-Shield—bordetella, kennel cough

4-5 Weeks…..Safeguard (Fenbendazole)—wormer, giardia

5 Weeks……..Neopar------1st Parvo vaccine

6 Weeks……..Marquis—Coccidia                                  

7-8 Weeks……..Safeguard----Wormer, giardia

  1st puppy shot----Parvo, Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza , Coronavirus 

12 Weeks - Puppy shot

16- Weeks - Puppy shot

Nebulizer ( Tylan & Gentamicin)---prevention for respiratory infection, kennel cough, runny nose, etc. as needed.

Bathe, clean ears,clip nails, Sanitary clip, Puppy cut on certain breeds, Ivomec ears for ear mites, etc

When necessary…….Prolate/Lintox-HD (Phosnet) dip…..mites,sarcoptic mange, fleas, ticks or skin related issues



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