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April Puppies--ALL SOLD

Pics of puppies shown below.

406 Cockapoo boy--SOLD

He is an EXCEPTIONALLY cute guy, hard to get his chocolate tri markings!

405 Cockapoo boy--SOLD

Super handsome fellow!!

404 Cockapoo boy---SOLD

Very, very cute little guy. His mom ia a Cockaer Spaniel and dad is a Mini Poodle, 18 lbs is a common size, some smaller and some go larger.

403 Pomeranian girl--SOLD

SUPER ADOARABLE lil thing, cute as they come! Her parents were in the 5-8 lb range.

402 Pomeranian girl--SOLD

Sold first thing.

401 Pomeranian--SOLD

Very nice boy, parents are in the 5-8 lb range.