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Puppies available for August***ALL SOLD****

Pics of current puppies available will post below when in the shop.

809 Boston Terrier girl--SOLD

SUPER cute, dainty lil girl!!

808 Boston Terrier boy--SOLD

Very handsome guy, pretty markings!

807 Boston Terrier boy--SOLD

Nice little guy, on the laid back side!

805 Yorkie girl--SOLD

SUPER NICE lil thing, full of personality, will be a catch for someone!!!!……*** NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SMALL CHILDREN***

804 Yorkie girl--SOLD

Really cute, dainty lil girl !!…….*** NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SMALL CHILDREN***

803 Yorkie boy--SOLD

Very handsome fellow, has bit on the laid back personality!!

802 Yorkie boy--SOLD

Adorable little guy with a great personality!!

801 Shihpoo girl---SOLD

She is a gorgeous little lady, full of personality, VERY nice puppy!!

800 Cocker Spaniel boy---SOLD

Really cute chocolate & white fellow, hard to get in his colors. He is 12 weeks old and has had 3 shots. Last of these for quite some time.