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Crate, playpen & pad training setup

We hear many people say " I don't want to get a new puppy because I will have to get up in the middle of the night and take it out". With this setup you don't have to do that! It serves for several purposes: teaches them crate training-which includes not going potty in the bed area, they are free to go use the puppy pad as needed for they can't hold it all night yet. In turn that makes them pretty much pad trained when they are older and helps them know where they should go when not taken outdoors. It can also be a place to put them when you need to be gone from home for a period of time that they are familiar with. We have trained our Yorkie this way and has worked out great. When gone all day she will go on the pads, at night all I have to say is "Nite-nite time" and she will go get in her crate in her bed and is closed for the night. Let her out first thing when up of a morning to do her business.

We have everything you need here for this setup. Shown is a small 24"L crate with the 18" tall playpen. We also have for smaller puppies the x-small 18" L crate and for a bit larger puppy a 24" tall playpen. The playpens are 8 sections of 2' long folding sections and 4 snaps to connect to crate. Some people get 2 pens and connect together out in the yard for a larger play area so they don't have to sit and watch them and are easily folded up for storage. You can also get a picnic table cloth or painter drop cloth and put out under the whole thing to keep any accident off the flooring.

SO for around $100, $55 each piece,  you can get a good nights sleep while at the same time enjoying and training your new puppy at the same time!!

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