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January Puppies--ALL SOLD

Puppies available for January will post below when 8 weeks old and in the shop to view.

1012 Cavapoo girl--SOLD

As cute a girl as they come, has that Cavalier look in the eyes, very nice girl!!!

1011 Cavapoo boy--SOLD

Really nice boy, he has more of the Cavalier colors!!

1010 Cavapoo boy--SOLD

VERY-VERY adorable fellow, really nice coat-a must see!!

109 Cavapoo boy--SOLD

Super cute lil guy, he is the small one of the litter---hard to get a good pic of a black puppy--does not do him justice!!!

108 Teddybear, aka Shichon girl----SOLD

ADORABLE little lady, pretty markings!

107 Teddybear, aka Shichon boy--SOLD


Really nice little guy, pretty markings!

106 Toy Cockapoo boy--SOLD

Very cute, short legged little fellow!

105 Boston Terrier girl--SOLD

Adorable little girl !

104 Boston Terrier girl--SOLD

Lots of black on this girl!

103 Boston Terrier girl--SOLD

Cute, chunky lady!

102 Teddybear, aka Shichon boy--SOLD

Adorable little guy, he is a non shedding ytpe breed, expected to be in the 9-12 lb range or so.

101 Teddybear, aka Shichon boy--SOLD

Very cute non shedding type breed, expected to be in the 9-12 lb range or so.

100 Teddybear, aka Shichon boy--SOLD

Really good looking little fellow!