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November puppies available--ALL SOLD

Shown below are the puppies in the shop available for this month.

1113 Chihuahua boy--SOLD

Tiny lil blue & white boy!

1112 Chihuahua girl--SOLD

Adorable blue & white little lady!

1111 Chihuahua boy--SOLD

This guy is tan & white with blue trims!

1110 Chihuahua boy--SOLD

Handsome black & white guy!

1109 Chihuahua boy--SOLD

Cute black & white fellow!

1108 Jack Russell Terrier boy--SOLD

Nice brown & white lil dude. He has had his 12 week booster shot.

1107 Boston Terrier girl--SOLD

This girl was the small one (runt) of the litter.

1106 Beagle girl--SOLD

Really pretty, laid back lil girl. expected to be 12-13" tall. She is 12 weeks old and has had her 12 week shot, weighs right around 5 lbs, smaller little girl!

1105 Beagle boy--SOLD

Pretty darker colors on this guy, should be 12-13" tall.

1104 Beagle boy--SOLD

Really nice guy, should be 12-13" tall.

1102 Boston Terrier girl--SOLD

Really nice, chunky girl!

1101 Japanese Chin girl--SOLD

Very cute lil lemon & white color girl!

1100 Japanese Chin girl--SOLD

Cute, playful lil lady!