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Reservation Policy

If you are interested in reserving a particular puppy once posted in the "Upcoming Puppies"  you can either call the shop number 501-617-6559 and reserve over the phone with a credit card, email / text necessary card info or come by the shop to leave a 1/2 puppy price non-refundable deposit. The puppy "should" be in the shop on the date noted on that puppy.

If you want to reserve a puppy in the shop for the current month you can use same procedure as above however we do like to get the puppies home within a week - 10 days, the sooner the better for bonding with the puppy and getting off to a good start.

Due to recent complications, deposits for "pick of the litter" will ONLY be accepted if you can be at the shop at opening time on the date the particular puppies are due in and pick the puppy ASAP for typically others are interested as well.

Some of the smaller puppies like Yorkies, for example, may be held over to 9-10 weeks of age to insure they get off to a good start in their new home.

In the event that a reserved puppy can not be delivered as a result from an issue on our end you can either: pick another puppy, apply deposit to a later litter or get a refund.

For any additional information you can call, text or email any questions.



Return Policy

NO RETURNS FOR ANY sure of your decision to purchase a new puppy.

Reason for this is solely for the protection of the remaining puppies in the shop and for the next person taking a puppy home. Parvo virus is the main concern here. Parvo is everywhere, ask a vet. You can't see it. All it takes is a strange dog, a wild animal, a fly lighting on the puppy's food, a neighbor had a dog die from it and told no one, someone come to your home with in on their feet, hands, is BAD NEWS and most often fatal to growing puppies.

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