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Puppies coming up for  August

Shown below are the puppies that will be coming up next. The date shown by each breed is the date they will be 8 weeks old and in the shop to view. A puppy can be reserved in advance with 1/2 down either over the phone or by coming by shop on days open ( shown on home page).




8-2 : Doodle, aka Doxiepoo ( Mini Dachshund / Toy Poodle hybrid )

8-7: Shihpoo ( Shih Tzu / Toy Poodle hybrid )



Doodle, aka Doxiepoos for 8-2 , the mom is a 8 lb Mini Dachshund and dad is a 6 lb Toy poodle. They will have a fuller coat and should not shed.

Doodle, aka Doxiepoo boys

Due in 8-2.

Doodle, aka Doxiepoo girls

Due in 8-2.

Shihpoos for 8-7. The mom is a 10 lb black Shih Tzu and dad is 6 lb Toy Poodle. These will be non shedding type puppies.

Shihpoo boy 1

Due in 8-7

Shihpoo boy 2

Due in 8-7.

Shihpoo girl 1

Due in 8-7.

Shihpoo girl 2

Due in 8-7.

Shihpoo girl 3

Due in 8-7.

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