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Puppies coming up for January ****NO NEW PUPPIES FOR FEBRUARY****

Shown below are the puppies that are expected to be in. Early pics of the puppies are done on a lawn chair on our front porch where I get the best representation of the colors. The dates are the  planned dates pending a good vet check on Monday before.   IF our puppies have a know issue of any severity the customer will be made aware of it prior to purchase. Pics are typically done 10-14 days before date listed. Of course puppies will continue to get cuter by the time they are old enough to come in at 8 weeks. Many of the most popular puppies are being reserved in advance. If a puppy is sold or reserved it will be noted right away.

Arkansas Sales Tax will be added to price of the puppy .

Lhasapoo - 1/24

Shihpoo - 1/25 *** ALL RESERVED****



Lhasapoo boy for 1-24

Due in 1-24.

Lhasapoo girls for 1-24

Due in 1-24. Mom is a Lhasa Apso, dad is a Toy Poodle, expected to be in the 10-13 lb range.

Shihpoo boy for 1-25--RESERVED

Due in 1-25. These are a Shih Tzu / Toy Poodle hybrid, expected to be in the 9-12 lb range.

Shihpoo girls for 1-25****BOTH GIRLS RESERVED****

Due in 1-25.

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